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The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”- Carl Rogers

On Becoming a Person was originally published in 1956 by the humanist psychologist Carl Rogers. This book would go on to revolutionize therapy and serve as the basis of the client-centered therapy that dominates the psychiatric world today.

I personally read this book at a time when I struggled with severe social anxiety and the vulnerability required to create and grow healthy relationships. I felt like a scarecrow. A strawman dressed up in human clothes, but with nothing inside.

The title On Becoming a Person and the book itself resonated with me. I truly felt that too was trying to become a person and to create a live that fulfilled my emotional and physical needs. Carl Rogers helped outline the type of relationship that I needed to cultivate to grow past my insecurities and anxieties. This book was pivotal in my developing my own views on relationships and what a healthy one looks like.

It is with this in mind that I dedicated the name of my website and hopefully, eventually business, in the name of On Becoming a Person.

Becoming a Person is a lifestyle website that brings together my own personal philosophy and lifestyle choices. I strive to bring practical advice and information. In some instances, I intimately share my experiences to give the reader an unfiltered view on certain life aspects. In other instances, I present an idea that I believe can directly impact your perspective and inform your actions.

I am interested in unique lifestyles, emotional growth, and living life more intimately and with more depth. It has been a long journey for me so far and there is still so much to come. I hope you enjoy my content and can find something here that resonates with your own life and your own truth.